Kerry Harden

The Brighter Side of Counselling

Every person experiences a life journey full of ups, downs, and roundabouts.

Learning to cope with the wonderful and terrible experiences along your way can be overwhelming.

Kerry’s Brighter Side Counselling Service can guide and support you as you open windows and bring in the light on your life journey.

Together we will explore ways to find a clearer, calmer and kinder way forward.


It Is OK to Be Older and Find FUN in Living Life To The End

My Story

I Love Life


I have a degree in Counselling and hold current registration as a Counsellor (ACA).

My personal choice is to live, work and love being in a country community. I provide face to face and/or online counselling specializing in life’s changes as we age.

My experience has been with:

  • The Age Care Communities, helping new and existing residents adjust to their new environments. This also brings the change and adjustment to life itself.
  • Individuals seeking support and motivation to cope with change, accepting some aspects and finding ways to change others.
  • Group Work bringing people together to enjoy, laugh and cry as you all share your experiences
  • Motivate individuals to see ways to live and die well 

Why Choose Me

My Approach

Dynamic Counselling using therapeutic methods and resources to suit each person’s concerns

Coping with Emotions

Life Changes

Motivation for Solutions

Health and Wellbeing

Growing Old


Loss and Grief

The Loss of a Loved One

The Loss of the familiar

The loss of hope and Security

The Loss of Aspects of Your Health

Activities & Workshops

Fun & Flexible

ART and Creativity

Walk and Talk

Often We Feel Alone in the World – You’re Never Alone.  I am Here to Help.

After the loss of a loved one we feel alone, just waiting for the next storm to come. We know that we are here to go on with life, but there is something missing inside. You feel grateful that you can breathe, you can live still here on earth, but each day when you get up, that special person is not there to say hello to or even annoy you in some way. The most important thing is to know that you are never alone. Time does help to accept your grief, so does seeking assistance.

One of my favourite quotes:

“With every darker moment there may be, a brighter one beside it. You just need to find your switch or battery to light your way.”

Different Ways to Ease and Work with the Mind

When I work with clients, I like to combine the conventional with the creative ways you can heal the body and the mind..

Colour and the Mind

When you work with me, we will use colours reflect and change emotions


Walking and talking is a powerful way to let go and release.

Art and Creativity

Art can provide an avenue of release of emotions helping you to let go. With art there is no judgement just colour, paint and brushes. I would love to teach you the Butterfly Magnet exercise.

Breath & Meditation

Allow me to teach you different mind breath techniques to help you when you may feel alone, anxious and unsure about the future.




The Mind Garden 

The Mind Garden

Just as you plant seeds in the garden you plant seeds of thoughts in the mind.
When you weed the garden you remove the intrusive weeds. When we work as a team it is the same thing. We are simply weeding the garden of your mind.




Your Kindness, Calmness and Wisdom belongs to you and is your gift.