Kerry Harden


People are my passion.

I love to be able to help you connect your mind to come to peace, to enjoy life and most of all to be part of life.

No matter what age you are today you still have a life to live in peace and harmony.

My Story

I always knew I wanted to work with people in an amazing way.

There are many tools that now enable me to offer a selection of services.

I have a degree in Counselling and hold current registration as a Counsellor (ACA).

My personal choice is to live, work and love being in a country community. I provide face to face and or online counselling specializing in life’s changes as we age.

My experience has been with:

  • The Age Care Communities, helping new and existing residents adjust to their new environments. This also brings the change and adjustment to life itself.
  • Individuals seeking support and motivation to cope with change, accepting some aspects and finding ways to change others.
  • Group Work bringing people together to enjoy, laugh and cry as you all share your experiences
  • Individuals motivating them to see ways to live and die well


What I love about my work is that it is tailored to you.

Some people just need to talk.

Others need to learn techniques to release the pain they may be experiencing.

I often find walking and talking is a fun and flexible way to allow the emotions to move in the body and the mind.

There are creative activities and workshops available.  They are varied and they are   different.


To be able to work with the overs 50s and help enjoy life to the fullest

We go through lots of changes in our lives.  There will be the ups and downs.  At the end of the day we are ‘alive’; while we are alive let’s make the most of our life.


My vision is to live a long, happy healthy life working with others who would love to do the same.  If this is you call and lets make life happen.

My Services

If you feel stuck at the moment, if you are grieving a loved one or simply not handling life then call and we can chat and I can work out a plan to get you back on track again in life.

Change in Life

Life Changing and you feel lost

Coping with everyday smaller emotional concerns

Health and wellbing

Motivation for Solutions

Loss or Grief

The loss of a loved one

The loss of the Familar

The loss of Hope and Security

The loss of Aspects of Your Health


Activities and Workshops

Walk and talk


Art and colour

Flexibility and Fun

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