Kerry Harden


Some days you want to talk.  Other days you just need someone who understands you and accepts you as you are.

There is no need for conversation, just being  there by your side is all that matters.  

It can be an animal or a person you will always know who creates that feeling of love and presence for you. 

How Can I Help You?

Life Changes

When life changes we often need to make huge decisions without ourselves, our home even our firends.

Coping with everyday smaller emotional concerns.

The motivation for solutions.

Grief and Loss

We all handle grief and loss in our own way.  It can be a pivotal moment in our lives and can bring emotional and physical pain.  It is normal to feel this and it is ok to get help with this.  Support is available for you.


Living to the End

While you have a breath within you are alive.  You are entitled to enjoy and be part of life.  Age should not hold you back.

Activities and Workshops

I have a variety of activies and workshops that help you relax and enjoy creativity and enjoying the company of others.

Health and wellbeing – they are many ways we can create a positive mind to improve our health and wellbeing.

Flexibility and Fun – being ready to take part in life.

We all have different needs in our life

The Brighter Side Of Counselling

 It is natural be older and find FUN in Life and accept the natural end.

The Key is to be part of each day, to enjoy  your time.  Find the place where the mind and the body comes to peace.  This could be simply talking, it could be going for a walk, it could be painting or it could simply be watching others paint and use lots of colour on a canvas.        


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